About the Foundation

"Our goal is for every orphan to find a loving family," said Ruslan Shostak, founder of the foundation


The war in Ukraine was the beginning of the Global Initiative of the famous Ukrainian businessman Ruslan Shostak, who organized the largest evacuation of orphans since the Second World War.
The businessman took more than 2,700 orphans and their accompanying persons to Turkey, where he organized their accommodation, education, health insurance and leisure. During the year that the children spent in evacuation, the problem of orphanhood in Ukraine manifested itself from different sides. Ruslan Shostak realized that his mission to save children continues in the Global National Initiative — to ensure that every orphaned child has a loving and caring family. This is how the idea of creating the Ruslan Shostak Charitable Foundation was born and the partnership with the Ukrainian authorities, public organizations, business and all interested people began to achieve the main goal - a family for every Ukrainian child.

Our values


and their right to family and care.
Everything we do is for the benefit of children and the realization of their legal right to a happy life in a caring family.


for the implementation of programs for the benefit of the final beneficiaries - children and their parents. Careful and efficient use of resources, responsibility for targeting all funds of the foundation


and the formation of a strong and healthy nation. We want our country to always remain independent, free and successful. This requires a healthy generation capable of creating all the conditions for a happy life within the country and becoming a model on the international stage.


with state authorities, foundations, public organizations and businesses that act for the benefit of Ukraine, want to solve the existing problem of orphanhood and form a full-fledged society as the basis of a strong and independent state.



in everything we do. Every penny is aimed at achieving Our common goal. You can easily track how your contribution helped a child find a family or fulfilled another social mission within the framework of the Foundation's projects.

Projects results


Childhood Without War

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    3,000 orphans were evacuated together with accompanying persons and children of the military


  • The goal is 100,000 computers for orphansuntil the end of May 2024



  • 145 pickup trucks were handed over to Ukrainian soldiers from the Armed Forces to the front